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Standing Up to Europe

In 1776, the United States of America declared that our people were going to "assume among the Powers of the Earth, the separate and equal Station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them."  Our forefathers then fought a long and bloody war to make that declaration a reality.

Among other things, that means we are not going to let Europe tell us whether we can give our worst murderers the punishment they deserve.

Alan Zagier reports for AP:

Missouri will move ahead with two planned executions despite efforts in Europe to block a common anesthetic from being used in the procedure, Gov. Jay Nixon said Monday.

German company Fresenius Kabi produces almost the entire supply of propofol, but the European Union is considering possible export limits as part of its anti-capital punishment policies. Missouri has enough to carry out it next two executions and one more, the first scheduled for later this month, but Nixon declined to say what the state would do if it is unable to get more propofol. The drug made headlines in 2009 when pop star Michael Jackson died of an overdose. The Missouri executions would be the first to use propofol.

Nixon said state and federal court systems, not European politicians, will decide death penalty policy in Missouri.


The idea that a punishment in the United States approved by the Supreme Court, the decided majority of the states, the citizenry by 2-1, and the federal government can be effectively ended by the decision of European pharmaceutical companies is beyond bizarre. It also isn't going to happen.

Abolitionists, having lost the substantive debate about supposed barbarism, innocence, rampant racism, cost, and all the rest now resort to what can best be described as pure gimmickry. That won't work either, but it's very instructive that this is their version of how law should be "implemented."

If the Europeans didn't want to supply bricks, mortar and concrete, should we end imprisonment too and let all our criminals loose?

Abolitionists are, if nothing else, a piece of work.

Pressuring companies to undertake certain actions actually is a pretty effective tactic - threatened boycotts helped end Apartheid and end commercial whaling in the North Atlantic (effective boycotts

Burger King and McDonalds fish sandwhiches lead to Iceland and Norway ceasing most of their commercial whaling operating in the mid 80s). It is the free market at its finest or perhaps worst depending on your view.

That being said, I thought most executions were being done with a barbituate overdose virtually identical to animal euthanization. And there can't be a shortage of that?

Or just use Kent's idea about the nitrogen and painless gas chamber.

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