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News Scan

Convicted Rapist Carries out Duplicate Attack Upon Release: A man convicted and sentenced to five years in a British prison for the rape of a teenage girl has committed an identical attack on another teenager less than three years after being released.  Suzannah Hills of the Daily Mail reports that 28-year-old Ashad Arif was labeled as a high-risk offender prior to his release, and had been visited by police only a week before committing his most recent rape.  The Reading Crown Court has given Arif a life sentence, but he will be eligible for release after serving at least 6 ½ years of his sentence.

Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty in Brutal Murder: Prosecutors in Missouri are seeking the death penalty for a man accused of shooting his girlfriend several times in the face before leaving her to die.  Anthony Kiekow of Fox St. Louis reports that 63-year-old Terry Culberson had been arrested and convicted for assault with the intent to kill prior to murdering his girlfriend.  Prosecutors are aiming for a death sentence in the case despite a ruling that has halted all executions in the state due to a lawsuit filed by death row inmates.

Convicted Rapist Found Guilty in Cold Case Robbery: A convicted rapist already serving a life sentence has been given a second life sentence after being convicted in a cold-case robbery that took place three years before his first conviction.  Michael Dumas of al.com reports that 24-year-old David Hicks was found guilty less than 15 minutes after jurors in Mobile, Alabama deliberated for his roll in a 2008 assault and robbery of an elderly kindergarten teacher.  Prosecutors were able to charge him with robbery after DNA left on a beer can in the woman's stolen car was identified as belonging to Hicks.

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