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News Scan

CA Governor Brown Signs Revenge Porn Bill: California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill outlawing revenge porn, a move that could result in possible jail time for people who post naked photos of their exes after a breakup.  The Associated Press reports that the bill makes it a misdemeanor to post nude photos of someone on the internet without their permission, and is punishable by up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.  The ACLU opposes the new legislation, believing it is a violation of free speech rights.

Florida Executes Convicted Murderer: A Florida man convicted of murdering two women was executed Tuesday evening after spending 23 years on death row.  The Associated Press reports that 49-year-old Marshall Gore had been nine death sentences plus an additional 110 years for his role the murders of two women and the attempted murder of a third.  Gore's execution had been postponed on three separate occasions this year after claiming that he was part of a conspiracy theory, and that the only reason he was being executed was so that elite and wealthy people could harvest his organs. 

Sentencing Reforms to Affect Oregon Prison Population:  Sentencing reforms in Oregon are expected to drop the state's prison population by more than 500 inmates in the next two years. Les Zaitz  of Oregon Live reports that the decrease in population could save millions, and the savings could be contributed to local governments who will, in turn, utilize it to reduce recividism among non-violent offenders.  If the reforms reduce the population as predicted, the Corrections Department will be able to shift their focus on rehabilitating serious, violent offenders.

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