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Killers Mistakenly Released From Prison:  Florida police are looking for two convicted murderers who were released from prison early due to forged court orders.  Kevin Conlon of CNN reports that the inmates, both serving lengthy prison sentences for murder, were able to walk away from a Florida penitentiary less than two weeks apart after forged paperwork led corrections officials to release them ahead of schedule.  Authorities are warning citizens about the two "escapees" and hope that they can be found before they commit additional crimes.

Juvenile Murder Suspect Had Felony Record: A 15-year-old Tennessee boy, who has juvenile convictions for felonies, including sex crimes, is now a suspect in the robbery and murder of a local contractor.  Sabrina Hall of CBS Memphis reports that 15-year-old Derek Cunningham is one of the teenagers being held on charges after he and two of his friends robbed and murdered a man for his cell phone and a few dollars.  Cunningham has a lengthy criminal record, which the judge will take into consideration when deciding whether or not to try him as an adult. 

Attorneys Claim Mental Health Crisis on CA Death Row: Attorneys for inmates on California's death row are arguing in federal court that mental health treatment is so inadequate that all the murderers housed there should be assessed and that a psychiatric center be developed to treat them.  Sam Stanton of the Sacramento Bee reports that, according to their attorneys, inmates suffering from mental illness are being unconstitutionally denied adequate access to treatment. The state of California maintains that the level of treatment for mentally ill inmates has increased dramatically over the last few years and is comparable to treatment received by private citizens.

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