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News Scan

Parolee Charged in Murder of Federal Investigator:    Oakland, CA police have charged 56-year-old Randy Alana, a career criminal and paroled sex offender, in the disappearance and murder of a federal investigator that occurred more than two months ago.  The Associated Press reports that Alana, who at one time dated the victim, has been in county jail since her disappearance after authorities arrested him for several parole violations.  Alana has been convicted of several crimes in the past including manslaughter, rape, robbery, and other sexual-assault crimes.  

Convicted Sex Offender Charged in Kidnapping and Torture Case: A South Carolina man has been accused of keeping a woman against her will for nearly three months, raping and beating her multiple times every day.  Kevin Conlon of CNN reports that Paul Rawl Jr. would force the woman to ingest Xanax every night before sexually assaulting her, and on several occasions threatened to kill her with a bow and arrow.  Rawl was convicted in 2000 of criminal sexual conduct in a case involving a 12-year-old girl.

Overwhelming Evidence Leads to Cold-Case Arrest: Ohio investigators have handed down a 293-page indictment against a man they believe raped and murdered women for almost two decades.  Emily Valdez of Fox Cleveland reports that in addition to the murder charges, 49-year-old Elias Acevedo Sr. has also been charged with 173 counts of rape and more than 100 counts of kidnapping.  Acevedo had been convicted of sexual battery in an unrelated case in 2003, which resulted in a prison sentence and  registration as a sex offender. 

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