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Ohio to Use Compounding Pharmacies, Alternate Drugs for Legal Injection

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Alan Johnson has this story in the Columbus Dispatch. Ohio's revised policy, announced yesterday, permits the state to obtain lethal injection drugs from compounding pharmacies.

Ohio's policy also was modified to allow two other drugs, Midazolam, a sedative, and Hydromorphone, a strong opiate, to be used intravenously in case pentobarbital is unavailable. The two drugs previously were to be used only for direct intramuscular injection.
The head of the Ohio Pharmacists Association questions whether a pharmacist would be willing to be "willing to fill a prescription meant to kill a patient."  But of course this is not a prescription, and the murderer is not a patient.

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If that is the case, then the person who produces or provides the lethal compound to be introduced into a living human being is not a Pharmacist....

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