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First Monday in October, 2013

The US Supreme Court opened its October 2013 term today.  The orders list is here. As expected, no new cases were taken up for full briefing and argument.  A shorter list of cases taken up was announced last Tuesday, noted here,  here, here.  Today's list contains a number of "vacate and remand" orders where a case is sent back to a lower court to reconsider in light of a US Supreme Court precedent decided after the lower court's decision.  There are a bunch of unremarkable procedural orders, and then a very long list of cases turned down.

Among the capital cases previewed here September 26, the remaining prisoners' petitions were all denied.  Arizona's petition in Ryan v. Hurles, No. 12-1472, has been "relisted" to be considered again this Friday, October 11.

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