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News Scan

Federal Judges Dismiss Death Penalty Challenge: A pair of federal judges has thrown out challenges filed on behalf of seven Florida death row inmates who are arguing that the state's new death penalty drug constitutes as cruel and unusual punishment.  Derek Kinner of the Associated Press reports that the ruling is not final, and the judges have given the inmates and their attorneys 60 days to file a new complaint.  The state of Florida was forced to switch to a different lethal injection method after their supply of the previously used execution drug, pentobarbital, expired. 

Sex Offenders to pay Annual Registration Fee: Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has signed a bill requiring sex offenders to pay a $50 annual fee when registering in order to offset costs for maintaining the state's registry website.  Jonathan Oosting of M Live reports that the Michigan State Police spend roughly $1.2 million each year running the site, and with help from the new annual fee, that price is estimated to drop by $700,000.  Prior to the bill, sex offenders were charged a one time fee of $50 when registering for the first time, which generated roughly $150,00 annually.   

Judge won't Block Ohio Child Killer's Upcoming Execution: A federal judge has denied convicted child killer, Ronald Phillips, request that his execution be halted due to concerns over the state's new lethal injection method.  Andrew Welsh-Huggins of the Associated Press reports that the judge ruled against a claim from Phillips' attorneys which argued that the announcement of its new lethal injection policy was delayed in order to prevent them from investigating it.   Phillips, who is scheduled to be executed on November 14th,  was sentenced to death for the rape and murder of his girlfriend's 3-year-old daughter.  The protocol changes are described in this post on October 5.

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