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Illegal Immigrant Murders Cellmate in Order to Stay in Prison: An illegal immigrant being held in an Arizona prison admitted to authorities that he killed his cellmate out of fear that his release date was approaching and he wanted to stay in prison.  SneJana Farberov of the Daily Mail reports that 43-year-old Roberto Venegas-Fernandez has been charged with first-degree murder after prison officials say he choked and stomped his cellmate to death out of fear that he would be deported back to Mexico and have no place to stay if he was released from prison.  Venegas-Fernandez, a Mexican citizen, had been convicted of a sex crime in the U.S. and was set to be released in a few months.    

Judge Denies OJ Simpson's Bid for Retrial: OJ Simpson will remain behind bars after a Nevada judge denied his request for a retrial and upheld his conviction on kidnapping, robbery, and other charges.  Greg Botelho of CNN reports that Simpson's defense team requested a retrial based on the claim that his original attorney had a conflict of interest, improperly advised him not to testify, and failed to inform him of a plea offer made by the prosecution.  Simpson, who was sentenced to 33 years in prison in 2007, is eligible for early release, but still has at least four more years of time left to be served behind bars.

Teenage Hitman Leaves Mexican Prison for the U.S.: An American-born teenager who has spent the last three years in a juvenile detention facility in Mexico has been released and deported back to the United States by Mexican authorities.  Simon Gardner of Reuters reports that 17-year-old Edgar Jimenez was hired by the South Pacific drug cartel at the age of 14 and carried out serious crimes, including several murders, kidnapping, torture, and trafficking cocaine. Jimenez will be taken to a rehabilitation in Texas upon his release.

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The article about the illegal immigrant killing his cellmate to stay in prison just shows how crazy our society is becoming.

Why would you prefer to kill another human being to stay incarcerated rather than dealing with the challenges and success of life?

This makes absolutely no sense

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