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News Scan

Convicted Murderer Attacks Correctional Officer: For the second time in less than a week, a correctional officer at California's prison facility in Sacramento has been attacked and severely injured by an inmate.  Bill Lindelof of the Sacramento Bee reports that the most recent attack took place Saturday evening when an officer was attempting to search the cell of a convicted murderer and was attacked, leaving the officer with multiple facial fractures and a laceration that required stitches.  This was the second attack on an officer in less than a week, the first occurred on Monday after a guard was slashed in the back of his neck by an inmate housed in a maximum-security unit.

Accused Murderer Had History of Domestic Violence: An Oregon man accused of murdering a young mother and holding her 2-year-old daughter hostage had been arrested and convicted of felony domestic violence crimes just two months prior.  Dan Cassuto of KATU News reports that Dustin Bryant had been charged with the domestic violence crimes after an attempted assault against the young woman and was sentenced to 36 months of probation, 20 days in jail, and ordered to stay away from her.  However, just a few weeks after being released, Bryant violated his parole by returning to the woman's apartment where he shot her in the head and took her daughter hostage for eight hours until SWAT officers could rescue her.

Court Rejects Murderer's Sentencing Appeal: The Nevada Supreme Court has once again rejected convicted murderer and death row inmate William Castillo's petition to overturn his death sentence.  Sean Whaley of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Castillo is challenging his sentence based on the claim that two of the four aggravating circumstances found by the sentencing jury were invalid based on a previous Supreme Court ruling.  Castillo was convicted and ultimately sentenced to death after murdering an 86-year-old woman and setting her home on fire. 

Woman to Plead Guilty in Ricin Case: A Texas woman who authorities say mailed ricin-laced letters to both President Obama and New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg has agreed to plead guilty to the federal indictments she has been charged with in exchange for an 18-year maximum sentence.  The Associated Press reports that 36-year-old Shannon Guess Richardson contacted authorities after mailing the letters in an attempt to frame her husband and implicate him in the crime, a plan that ultimately backfired and resulted in her own arrest.  In addition to pleading guilty, Richardson also plans on telling the government the names of the other individuals involved in the crime.

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