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SCOTUS Takes Qualified Immunity Case

The U.S. Supreme Court took up four civil cases today.  The crime-related case is Wood v. Moss, No. 13-115. The Questions Presented, as framed by the Solicitor General, are:

1.  Whether the court of appeals erred in denying qualified immunity to Secret Service agents protecting the President by evaluating the claim of viewpoint discrimination at a high level of generality and concluding that pro- and anti-Bush demonstrators needed to be positioned an equal distance from the President while he was dining on the outdoor patio and then while he was travelling by motorcade.

2.  Whether respondents have adequately pleaded viewpoint discrimination in violation of the First Amendment when no factual allegations support their claim of discriminatory motive and there was an obvious security-based rationale for moving the nearby anti-Bush group and not the farther-away pro-Bush group.
All the press coverage will be on the birth-control insurance cases.

Update: Not quite all.  Robert Barnes has this story in the WaPo.

As the Justices were prepping for the conference, the heavy news coverage was of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy.  All but Justice Kagan are old enough to remember that day.

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