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Some Really Bad News

The relationship between cultural decay and crime is more intricate than I have either the knowledge or the space to describe, but I've been around long enough to know this:  A robust criminal justice system with the self-confidence and character needed to impose consequences on criminal behavior and make them stick is not going to survive for long in a culture like this.  

When the culture starts broadly to accept one behavior as just as good as the next, and to view "tolerance" not as a valuing the basic dignity and equality of our fellow creatures, but simply as license for narcissism, entitlement and vulgarity masquerading as "provocative ideas," we are headed for big, big trouble.


I've used the annual addition of new words to the Oxford English dictionary as a barometer of our cultural decay, to wit, this years addition of the terms "twerking" and "selfie".

The embodiment of the terms vulgarity and narcissism respectively.

| "not going to survive for long in a culture like this." |

“downright venality swallow up the whole society”
-- John Adams’ Novanglus, published in the Boston Gazette in 1774

"But when luxury, effeminacy, and venality are arrived at such a shocking pitch
in England; when both electors and elected are become one mass of corruption; when the nation is oppressed to death with debts and taxes,
owing to their own extravagance and want of wisdom,
what would be your condition under such an absolute subjection to parliament?

You would not only be slaves, but the most abject sort of slaves, to the worst sort of masters! at least this is my opinion." (Novanglus II)


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