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Some Really Good News

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Except for people who have unhinged hatred for the police  --  which unfortunately is quite a few  --  this has to be seen as a wonderful development.

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The record low number of police officers murdered in the line of duty is definitely good news. But, I think that - to get a truer picture - we need data not just for the number of police officers killed but also for the actual number of police officers shot at by criminals. There could, after all, be reasons other than decreased attacks that account for the historically low number of murdered police officers. For instance, rather than less shootings of officers, the decreased fatalities could be due to better protective gear (e.g., bullet proof vests) and/or better medical attention (or even fortuitously bad aim by criminals). In other words, the simple fact that criminals murdered fewer police officers last year does not necessarily mean that criminals attempted to murder fewer officers. In fact, it could be that attacks remained relatively constant or even increased. And, even if attacks decreased, the rate of decrease may not have been as great as the relative decrease in the fatality rate. So, while the decreased fatalities are indeed good news, I'd like to see some more statistics before I cheer too loud. Anyone have any relevant data?

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