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Controversy on Ohio Execution

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Rick Lyman has this article in the NYT on the controversy over the execution of Ohio rapist/murderer Dennis McGuire, previously noted in this post.

The opponents regularly whine about "untested" methods of lethal injection without acknowledging that it is the opponents who have created the situation.  The single-drug method with pentobarbital works just fine, and if it were not for the supply problem created by the opponents, there wouldn't be a problem here.

A simple solution is to declare it to be an illegal restraint of trade for any seller of pharmaceuticals to restrict resale for the purpose of lethal injection.  Congress should get on that.

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"Last week, they say, Michael Lee Wilson, who took part in the murder of a co-worker, was executed in Oklahoma using a cocktail of pentobarbital from a compounding pharmacy; vecuronium bromide, a paralytic; and potassium chloride, which stops the heart. His last words, coming about 12 seconds after the injections were administered, were, 'I feel my whole body burning.'"

That's an excerpt from Lyman's piece. It's seriously flawed. Unless I am mistaken, Oklahoma's protocol would not inject KCl into a prisoner 12 seconds into the process. Guess they're not too careful over at the NYTimes. Ha ha.

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