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News Scan

CA Recidivism Rate Was Dropping Prior to Realignment: A report released by the California Department of Corrections has revealed that the state's recidivism rate had been dropping prior to Governor Brown's implementation of Realignment.  The Associated Press reports that the recidivism rate had dropped from 67 percent in 2005-2006 to 61 percent in the years right before Realignment.  California, which has one of the nation's highest recidivism rates, is still waiting to see if Realignment has any influence on the previously declining recidivism rate.  

Virginia to Reconsider Electric Chair for Future Executions: After experiencing a shortage of lethal injection drugs, a group of Virginia lawmakers have proposed reinstating the electric chair as a method of execution.  Louis Hansen of the Virginian-Pilot reports that Virginia's death row inmates are given a choice of execution methods-lethal injection or electric chair.  One of the proposals introduced would allow the Department of Corrections to override the inmate's choice of lethal injection if the drugs were unavailable, allowing the state to implement the electric chair instead.  Virginia has electrocuted three prisoners since 2009, and currently has eight men on death row.

Retrial For Florida Murderer: Daytona Beach prosecutors are hoping to send a convicted murderer and rapist back to death row after the Florida Supreme Court overturned his conviction last November.  Frank Fernandez of the Daytona Beach News-Journal reports that prosecutors are hoping to link 67-year-old Roy Swafford to an additional murder at his re-trial after police matched his DNA to an unsolved murder case in order to further support their hopes of another conviction.  Swafford came within hours of being executed in 1990, but a last minute decision from the federal court of appeals stopped the execution.  


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