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Science Might Help Out After All

Often nowadays, we hear that science can help "reform" how we go about reaching decisions in criminal justice.  When you read a story like that, remember to consult your decoder: Such science inevitably involves the identification of a previously unheard-of "syndrome" that accounts for why Mr. Nicey belted Grandma over the head with a tire iron to get her purse.  (These syndromes always seem to have a lot of syllables, never a single syllable like "greed").

Another story I hear quite a bit is that science has determined that the human brain develops more slowly than we had believed, so Mr. Nicey is not truly responsible for his behavior until he reaches his mid-twenties mid-thirties mid-sixties.

I ran across an article, however, suggesting that science might actually have discovered a part of the brain with something defense counsel could usefully supply to the client.

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