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A Long Time Ago, in a Justice Department Far, Far Away...

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...there were leaders who sought to put criminals in jail, rather than get them out.  

Yes, well, that was then.  The Justice Department that exists now goes hat-in-hand to pro-criminal groups, seeking their assistance in snuffing perfectly legal sentences for guilty men.  It does this while turning its back on the career prosecutors who, under increasing hardships and sometimes under threat, work to enforce laws the Attorney General sniffs at.  Meanwhile, DOJ embraces as one of the Attorney General's top Assistants a man who made his bones doing a PR campaign for a cop killer.

At this point, it's fair to ask:  Who is the Department of Justice working for?

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As a former employee, this is a Justice Department I do not recognize. It is a department hijacked by ideologues whose simple-minded, disingenuous overuse of disparate impact principles will eventually return us to the bad old days when neither our streets nor our schools were safe.

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