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Comment on Comments, Restated

Checking back, it seems it's been over two years since we stated our policies on comments.  They are, for the most part, listed in this post from September 2011 and have mostly not changed.

I have backed off a bit on "trusting" commenters who sign in with methods that do not provide a recognizable user name.  We do prefer that such commenters "sign" their comments in the text with a recognizable handle.

One thing I did not mention in that post, which should be too obvious to need mention, is that we don't appreciate profanity here and reserve the discretion to not publish or to delete comments containing it.  That is not to say there are "forbidden words" that can never be used in any context.  Sometimes it is appropriate, perhaps quoting the perpetrator while discussing a crime.  Hopefully everyone commenting here has enough sense to distinguish those rare and limited exceptions from the general rule that you don't use profanity in a public forum.

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