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News Scan

TX Man to Be Tried for Crime he Committed as a Teen: A Texas judge has ruled that a man who poured gasoline on a young boy and lit him on fire when he was a teenager can be tried as an adult for murder after the victim died from his injuries nearly 13 years later.  The Associated Press reports that 28-year-old Don Collins was 13 when he doused the boy in gasoline and set him on fire.  The victims suffered burns over 99% of his body which doctors say resulted in skin cancer causing his death in 2011.  Collins was originally arrested in 1998 for the crime and spent several months in juvenile detention, but prosecutors were forced to drop the case due to a lack of evidence.  Shortly before the victim died, he gave a videotaped deposition accusing Collins of sexually assaulting him two weeks prior to the attack prompting investigators to reopen the case.
Arrest Made in 2011 Murder of TN Girl: Authorities in Tennessee have arrested 29-year-old Zachary Adams and named him as the prime suspect in the 2011 kidnapping and murder of 20-year-old nursing student, Holly Bobo.   Adrian Sainz of the Associated Press reports that Adams was charged with murder despite the fact that authorities have yet to locate the girl's body.  Investigators believe that the evidence they collected from Adams' home will assure a conviction.  Prosecutors are considering asking for a death sentence if Adams is found guilty.

Delaware Unable to Carry Out Executions: A severe shortage of execution drugs has left the Delaware prison system unable to carry out executions of its 17 condemned death row inmates.  Randall Chase of the Associated Press reports that Delaware, along with several other states, have been struggling to find pharmacies willing to sell lethal injection drugs after manufacturers refused to sell products used in executions.  Delaware hasn't executed an inmate since April 2012. 


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