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News Scan

Driver in Deadly Crash had Lengthy Criminal Past: Authorities in Austin, Texas have named 21-year-old Rashad Owens as the person responsible for running over several concert-goers at the South by Southwest festival earlier this week, leaving two dead and nearly two dozen injured.  Fox News reports that Owens, who has been arrested multiple times for DUI, intentionally drove into a crowd of people in an effort to flee from officers attempting to pull him over.  Owens faces charges of capital murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and if convicted, faces a possible death sentence.

Former Charles Manson Follower One Step Closer to Parole: A California board has once again granted parole for ex-Charles Manson follower Bruce Davis, but he still must get approval from Governor Jerry Brown, who chose to deny his request for parole just last year.  The Associated Press reports that 71-year-old Davis, who was sentenced with Manson, has spent the last 43 years behind bars for his role in the murders of two men in 1969.  Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger also denied Davis' request for parole in 2010.

TN to Consider Using Electric Chair for Future Executions: Tennessee Attorney General Bob Cooper has announced that the state can begin lawfully using the electric chair as a method of execution if lethal injection is stopped by the courts or if the state is unable to acquire lethal injection drugs.  Sheila Burke of The Republic reports that Tennessee has not executed a condemned murderer since 2009.  The last time the state used the electric chair was in 2007 when convicted quadruple-murderer Daryl Holton requested that it be used.

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