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News Scan

Drug Dealing at VA Hospital:  A Veterans Administration police officer has accused officials at the VA hospital in Miami of covering up crimes including physical abuse and drug dealing.  Officer Tom Fiore told Fox News that he had investigated and reported numerous incidents of drug dealing in the hospital and drug use in the facility's drug rehab program, noting that one 27-year-old Iraq war veteran died of a drug overdose shortly before he was set to graduate from the program.  After being told that his reporting of crimes to hospital officials must stop, Fiore was reassigned to a clerical position.

Welcome to Carjack City:  The Motor City has now become Carjack City, according to many who live in or commute to and from crime ridden Detroit.  The Associated Press reports that to combat the problem, Detroit police are designating gas stations as lighthouses if they have security cameras, are well lit and provide a free phone for emergency calls.  Local authorities believe that the increase in carjacking of occupied vehicles is due to improvements in vehicle security, which have made it more difficult to steal a locked car.  The problem is so serious, some commuters won't stop for gas in Detroit.  One young mother won't stop at red lights in some parts of the city when driving home from work, because it's tougher to carjack a moving target.    

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