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New Hampshire Senate Retains Death Penalty Again

Garry Rayno reports for the New Hampshire Union Leader:

CONCORD -- The Senate took little time Thursday to reject repealing the death penalty, not wanting to debate the issue a second time this session.

On a voice vote, the Senate refused to go along with the House and killed Senate Bill 202, which contained the death penalty repeal language from House Bill 1170, which remains on the table in the Senate after members deadlocked 12-12.
Repeal supporters continue with their disinformation campaign:

"There is not an ounce of evidence the death penalty keeps anyone safe," said Sen. David Pierce, D-Hanover. "One of government's jobs is to reduce crime. The death penalty does not reduce crime."
Reasonable people can and do disagree about how convincing the studies showing deterrence are, who has the burden of proof, and by what measure.  To say "there is not an ounce of evidence" of deterrent effect, though, is just a bald-faced lie. 

Deterrence studies published in peer-reviewed journals from 1996 to 2010 are tallied here, and the abstracts and citations are provided here.

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