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News Scan

Good Samaritans Attacked for Reporting Child Locked in Hot Car: A Colorado woman who alerted police about a child being locked in a hot car has been seriously injured after the child's mother ran the woman and her boyfriend over.  Tammy Vigil of Fox Denver reports that 27-year-old Kristina Riddell, angered about the couple calling police, physically attacked them before running them over and fleeing the scene.  This is not Riddell's first incident with police, she has prior arrests for assault, domestic violence and multiple driving violations.  She now faces charges of hit-and-run, assault and child abuse.

Murder Re-Trial May Result in Death Sentence: A California man behind bars for murder may be sent to death row if found guilty of two more killings at the conclusion of his re-trial.  KESQ News reports that 30-year-old Angel Esparza, a parolee, was tried for the three murders together and was convicted of one.  The jury deadlocked on the other two murder charges forcing a re-trial.  Two of Esparza's accomplices pled guilty to the murders and were sentenced to 15 years to life behind bars.

Teens Charged in Beating Death: Four California teenagers have been charged with the beating death of a University of Southern California graduate student in an attempted robbery.  The Associated Press reports that two of the suspects were juveniles but will be charged as adults after allegedly beating the student to death with a baseball bat and wrench.  The defendants will be arraigned in two weeks on charges of murder during an attempted robbery.

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