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The Political Uses of Ferguson

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It was to be expected that the Usual Suspects would show up in Ferguson to push the Usual Causes, and would do so without finding out, or having any great interest in finding out, what actually happened.

Was this an NFL-sized gangbanger who had just committed a strong-arm robbery rushing a cop?  Was it a quick-trigger cop who got the drop on a teenager whose main "crime" was walking in the middle of the street?  Was it something else?

We don't know yet, but this fact makes no difference when the main point is to Fire Away.  Thus I bring you this Grievance-on-Steroids piece in the Atlantic.  I never thought I would say this, but it's enough to make Al Sharpton blush.

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The Atlantic column strikes me as overwrought and unhinged.

I recall you voicing strong concerns about the treatment of Cliven Bundy and his armed followers in Nevada. Do you have any concerns about the behavior of local police in the aftermath of the Brown shooting, in terms of their response to demonstrators and how they've handled journalists? Do you have any criticism of how they handled the release of information concerning the shooting?

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