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News Scan

Suspect Arrested in Cold Case Homicide: Authorities have arrested the man they believe is responsible for a murder that occurred nearly 20 years ago.  The Associated Press reports that a warrant was issued for 47-year-old Antonio Calvillo less than two weeks after the killing, but police were unable to make an arrest because he fled to Mexico.  Police located Calvillo in San Francisco, CA and arrested him there, he is expected to be extradited to Florida in the near future to face murder charges.

California Voters to Weigh 'Radical' Proposition: This November, voters in California will decide whether or not to approve a proposition that would dramatically change the way certain types of offenders are sentenced.  Stephanie McNeil of Fox News reports that Proposition 47 would reduce certain non-serious, non-violent, drug, and property crimes from felonies to misdemeanors and allow individuals already incarcerated for those offenses to apply for a reduced sentence.  It is estimated that roughly 40,000 people convicted in California each year would be affected by the measure. 

Convicted Murderer Sentenced to Life: A Guam man convicted of murdering three people and injuring nearly a dozen more in a vehicle crash and stabbing rampage has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.  Grace Garces Bordallo of the Associated Press reports that 22-year-old Chad DeSoto was sentenced to three life terms for the murders and was sentenced to an additional 15 years for the attempted murder of 11 people.  This was the harshest sentence that could be handed down as Guam does not have the death penalty.  

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