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News Scan

Realignment Offender Suspected of Murder: Police in Barstow, CA believe that the person responsible for murdering a man Monday night is on active Post-Release Community Supervision (PRCS), a form of probation started under Governor Brown's Realignment legislation.  Jose Quintero of the Desert Dispatch reports that 22-year-old Andrew Gallegos, a known gang member, stabbed his victim to death Monday evening just after 8:00 p.m.  Police have yet to locate Gallegos and are warning citizens not to approach him as he is believed to be armed and dangerous.

Rapist Denied Release: An Ohio man scheduled for release from prison this week will remain behind bars after his DNA linked him to five unsolved rapes.  Sean Rowe of Fox Columbus reports that 54-year-old Dwayne Wilson, who was already serving a five-year sentence for a separate sexual assault conviction, will now be charged with nine counts of rape and five counts of kidnapping after DNA linked him to assaults against five women between 1994 and 1997.  Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine recently launched a campaign to test thousands of rape kits that had gone un-tested across the state, so far, the campaign has resulted in over 1,000 hits to DNA already in a nationwide database.   

FL Supreme Court Upholds Death Sentence: Florida's highest court has upheld the death sentence for convicted rapist and murderer William Davis III.  Desiree Stennett of the Orlando Sentinel reports that Davis kidnapped a 19-year-old receptionist from her workplace before raping and strangling her to death.  Davis never denied his involvement in the murder and actually requested that he be sentenced to death during his trial. His attorneys have not announced whether they will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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