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Waiting for Lame Duck Period to Name AG

Nedra Pickler has this story for AP, incorrectly headlined Obama waiting for midterm to name Attorney General. As the text of the story makes clear, he is not going to wait for the midpoint of his term, January 20, but instead is only waiting until the election is past.

President Barack Obama does not plan to announce his choice for attorney general before the November elections, shielding the nomination from the midterm election politics while setting up a potential year-end showdown with the lame duck Senate.
Shielding the nomination from politics?  My, doesn't that sound noble?  Reality is more like shielding the Democratic candidates in close races from having to answer to the people, which is how our representative democracy is supposed to work.

There wouldn't be any need to "shield" if the President were planning to nominate a solid, non-divisive candidate.  So this timing tends to indicate that another divisive, partisan nominee who will continue the politicization of the Department of Justice is headed our way.


At one time, I did my "Dictionary for the Politically Incorrect." I now need to add an entry:

"shielding the nomination from the midterm election politics" = hiding another radical, race-hyping Cabinet selection from the voters until they can't do anything effective about it.

Bill, please include "indigenous peoples day" in your dictionary. Actually surprised you haven't alluded to it this week.


I'm supposed to stick to criminal law stuff. However, now that you brought it up.....

I'd really have trouble coming up with some of this stuff. I think the English language might have started the last leg of its descent into meaninglessness with the phrase from a few years back, "wardrobe malfunction."

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