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Answer Found for Rising Violent Crime

Earlier today, I posted the news that violent crime, and murder in particular, had risen by double digit percentages in 2015.  (Actually, this has been known for months, and Kent and I have often said as much, but the official UCR statistics came out today).

It did not take long for the founder of Black Lives Matter to come up with the solution: Get rid of the police.  And no, I am not making this up.  The article begins thusly:

Since policing is a problem, the police should be removed from communities altogether, according to Black Lives Matter founder Alicia Garza.

Garza argued that the United States gives too much respect to police officers, explaining that when police do wrong, a few bad cops are blamed, rather than a "corroded and corrupt system."

"Quite frankly, many of our [Black Lives Matter] members are continuing to investigate what it would mean to have police-free communities. I think what we've continued to see over time is that no moral appeal is actually stopping the deaths of black people, whether they be armed or unarmed." Garza told Complex.

I believe BLM is the most audaciously lying social movement I have seen in my forty-some years as a lawyer and law professor.  The murder rate got cut by more than half in the two decades (1992-2012) in which the number of police in this country rose substantially.  Since blacks are disproportionately murder victims, they were disproportionately beneficiaries of the decreased murder rate.


Axing the entire police department would slice a big expense item off the city budget. That should be sufficient for some of the self-annointed "Smart on Crime" folks to endorse it.

Next they will be proposing to open the prison gates. Too late, Obama has already done that with his mendacious interpretation of what constitutes a "non-violent" crime.

In light of her support for BLM, a good moderator would ask Hillary tonight if she endorses that idea.

Trump should go to town on Hillary's support for BLM. The organization is toxic in every way that counts. I don't even want to think about the number of black lives that would be lost if the country implemented its agenda.

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