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For Attorney General: Sen. Jeff Sessions

I've had the privilege of meeting with Sen. Jeff Sessions a few times.  He has been a beacon of honor in the Senate, a friendly and gracious man who nonetheless gives every ounce to fight for his convictions.

When the disastrous sentencing "reform" bill looked like it had momentum in Congress a year ago at about this time, Sen. Sessions, more than anyone else, stepped up to the plate.  His strong, early leadership made people ask questions: Yes, we'll give them a "second chance," but what will they do with it? Do we need to think more about recidivism rates?  Why do so many people think the criminal justice system is "broken" when, over more than 20 years, it has cut crime by half, saving millions of dollars and averting untold human misery?

Sen. Sessions has served in the Senate for almost 20 years.  Before his election, he was both a United States Attorney in Alabama and Attorney General of that state.

Those seeking sobriety, probity and faithful conservative convictions could not want President-Elect Trump to appoint a finer man to become Attorney General.


*Full Disclosure*: I volunteered with the Trump campaign in NE Penn.
I also made non-robo calls to Michigan & to my former state of FL.

Sessions is considered "far-right", but so is much of "deplorable" America
as of today.

Many of the those who supported & voted for Trump were independents:
they were pro-POLICE, pro-coal, pro-life, pro-gun, and above all, pro-America.

The dems & liberals hung-up on me straightaway almost without exception.

Conservative (still center-right) Americans actually set me straight on not
believing the media & polls. They don't care being falsely called "haters"
and "intolerant" anymore, since they know that pro-American is not
anti-anybody else, it's simple patriotism.

Go Sessions.
~ rightwingwatch.org/post/sessions-defends-trump-on-muslim-ban-

Whatever doubts may exist in other areas, it is a near certainty that the United States Department of Justice will be in far better hands than it has been for eight years. That alone is a reason to celebrate today.

The US Department of Justice that I had the honor of working for has been virtually unrecognizable.

Obama has had his thumb on the scales of justice for too long.

May the term "disparate impact" be relegated to the trash bin of history.

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