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Justice Gorsuch Makes the Difference

As Bloomberg reports, Justice Neil Gorsuch's first vote in a prominent case is likely to be remembered for a long time:  "Gorsuch's First Big Supreme Court Vote Allows Arkansas Execution"

Justice Neil Gorsuch took his first major action on the U.S. Supreme Court by casting the deciding vote to let Arkansas begin executing a group of death-row inmates.

In a series of orders Thursday night, the high court cleared the state to execute Ledell Lee, one of eight convicted murderers that Arkansas has been trying to put to death before one of its lethal-injection drugs expires at the end of the month. Arkansas executed Lee minutes after the court rejected the last of his requests.

Gorsuch joined his four fellow Republican appointees -- Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Clarence Thomas, Anthony Kennedy and Samuel Alito -- in the majority. They didn't explain their reasons.

The court's four liberal justices each voted to grant at least one of the requests to halt the executions. Justice Stephen Breyer said the state didn't have an adequate reason to rush.
Since the murder occurred 24 years ago, I'm not sure what "rush" Justice Breyer has in mind.

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