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No FBI Pick For Now

Darlene Superville reports for AP:

After saying he was "very close" to naming a new FBI director, President Donald Trump boarded Air Force One on Friday for his first foreign trip without making any comment about the future leadership of the law enforcement agency.

The White House said earlier in the day that no announcement would be made.

The Washington Examiner has this editorial:

President Trump's last minute decision to put off the selection of a new FBI director until after his overseas trip is a good sign, perhaps even an indication that he's learned something and avoided making a mistake.

In the last two days, the strange choice of former Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman had been floated as a trial balloon. It seemed like a very bad idea, and perhaps Trump has ultimately decided to deflate it. The choice of the 75-year-old Lieberman -- who, remember, addressed the 2008 Republican convention, and also recently wrote a letter of recommendation for Jeff Sessions as attorney general -- was never going to placate Democrats, if that's what was intended.


"[S]trange choice" of Lieberman?

Not if you are Jared Kushner and you are a "person of interest" (?) in the ongoing FBI and special counsel investigations. It also doesn't hurt if you and the new FBI director are connected to the same shul. And, lastly, having an FBI director whose law firm has profited handsomly from your family's business is kind of nice.

But it was worth a try.

As to Trump's "learn[ing] something and avoid[ing] making a mistake." Wishful thinking. (See T's Comey is a "nut job" and getting rid of him removed "great pressure" from the Russia investigation statement.)

Case closed.

Decencyevolves: I lived through Watergate and I'm not enjoying the sequel. I am sick and tired of all the "winning", thank you very much.

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