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Right Man, Wrong Job

There are news reports that the President is considering former Sen. Joe Lieberman as the next FBI Director.

Lieberman is a person of integrity and high character, schooled in the ways of Washington, and he has respect in Congress.  All are valuable qualities.  But he is not the man for this job.

The head of the FBI needs extensive experience in law enforcement, preferably federal law enforcement.  Sen. Lieberman has none.  He was at one point, many years ago, Attorney General of Connecticut, but that's it.  He is a respected political figure, but at this moment, the FBI needs someone who is not a political figure in any way at all.

People of equally high integrity and no political valence are available.  I have named two, Judge Julie Carnes of the Eleventh Circuit and former DEA Administrator Karen Tandy.  I hope the President will look in their direction.


I can't speak for anyone else but I am not "tired of winning" yet.

Let's pray these reports are incorrect.

Lieberman's presence on the "short list" has been confirmed by enough sources that it is surely true. For the reasons Bill states and that I noted in my previous post on the subject, we can only hope he is not the pick.

Nothing against Sen. Lieberman, but a politician is not the right choice. One can only wonder who is advising the President that this is a good idea and what they are smoking.

"[W]ho is advising the President that this is a good idea ... "

See my response to Kent's latest post.

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