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Escaped Murderers Caught:  Two Georgia prison cellmates who escaped early Tuesday from a inmate transport bus after killing two corrections officers, have been captured in Tennessee.  Nicole Chavez of CNN reports that after sixty hours on the run convicts Ricky Dubose and Donnie Rowe were caught by an armed homeowner as they attempted to steal his car.  When officers arrived the pair were face down on the homeowner's driveway being held at gunpoint.  The manhunt covered 260 miles as the criminals stole five cars, robbed two homes and terrorized an elderly couple. The pair, who had been serving prison time for armed robbery and assault, will now be charged with the murders of the two corrections officers, a death penalty offense. 

Probationer Arrested for Selling Drugs to Students: After Claremont, CA police received a tip from high school students that two men were selling cocaine and other drugs to students at their school, a police investigation located the suspects. Ashley Ludwig of the Claremont Patch reports that during a traffic stop last Tuesday police arrested Juan Rios and Eric Culverson for  possession of illegal narcotics.  A search of Culverson's residence uncovered more drugs including Ecstasy and pills "targeted for sales to High School aged children."  Culverson, 28, had been convicted of a previous drug charge, but under AB109, California's Public Safety Realignment, he was sentenced to light supervision on probation.  Rios, 36, also a repeat offender, was driving on a suspended license and had outstanding arrest warrants.  Under current California law, it is unlikely that either drug dealer will be eligible for a prison sentence.   

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