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Mother of Murdered Child Reacts to Prop. 66 Decision

CBS 13 Sacramento has this story following up on the Proposition 66 decision, noted here.  The report includes some elements of the earlier story, but the new material features Sandy Friend, whose 8-year-old son suffered horrifically at the hands of a true monster.


"[Abolitionist state senator] Weiner said executions may soon resume, but so will the fight to get rid of capital punishment...“I think we will eventually repeal the death penalty. we came very close last year, and we have to keep trying,” he said.

These people keep on trying and keep on lying. Abolitionists most certainly did NOT come very close last year, or close in any sense. They lost on Prop 62 by more than 880,000 votes in a state where Hillary cleaned house and several pro-criminal "reform" measures won easily. The margin of victory for the death penalty was, moreover, nearly twice what it was four years earlier (Prop 34 in 2012) -- this after we had been lectured over the intervening years that "the death penalty is dying."

Perhaps a reader can tell me why abolitionists feel commissioned to lie. I know they believe (correctly) that they can get away with it, but don't they feel at least some obligation toward truthfulness?

To answer your question in the last paragraph: they think thet the ends justify the means.

When was the last execution in California?
Was it whilst I was in Iraq before the surge?

The immoral defenders of murderers have been largely successful in castrating
the California death penalty.

Their guerrila tactics of non-guilt-related objections have upended democratic elections and jurisprudence.

With undemocratic liberals, whatever became of their appropriation of MLK’s
‘justice delayed is justice denied’?

Probably they have jettisoned it, along with the author’s
“content of their character” ‘rather than color of skin’ advocacy.

"'But what will become of men then?' I asked him, 'without God
and immortal life? All things are permissible then, they can do what they like?'"

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