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FedSoc Convention Live Stream

The Federalist Society's Annual Lawyer's Convention is tomorrow through Saturday.  The FedSoc is live streaming selected portions of the program at this page.  The Criminal Law panel, titled What Should Be Done to Address Rising Crime Rates, is tomorrow at 3:30 - 5:00 EST. The address by Attorney General Sessions is Friday at 2:15 - 2:45.


Decencyevolves: Our attorney general started his address with a real knee slapper: 'Is Ambassador Kislyak in the room?' Jake Tapper responded “HA HA HA HA HA it’s funny because Russia interfered in the 2016 US election.”

The audience got it.

The Attorney General's prepared remarks are here.

When Attorney General Lynch had a "private meeting" with the wealthy and influential spouse of her Party's presidential candidate -- then under an active criminal investigation by the FBI -- the report (self-serving and after the fact, mind you) was that they discussed "the grandkids."

I thought you might be able to put that with your collection of knee slappers.

P.S. Also a candidate for your collection of knee slappers is the recently disclosed photo of Sen. Al Franken. Only the picture shows it wasn't a slap. Now that I think of it, it wasn't a knee, either.

The remarkable thing about the Hillary Clinton email scandal is how little there was there. Ex- President Clinton’s remarkably stupid meeting with Loretta Lynch led to Comey’s successive statements, which may well have cost his wife the election.

In contrast, for the past few months we’ve been treated to a never ending torrent of contacts between Russia and the Trump campaign and a farrago of lies about it. At least one of these misrepresentations (those of George Papadapolous) have resulted in a guilty plea and cooperation. It’s quite remarkable that we have a Presidential campaign that cooperated with criminals (Wikileaks) and an unfriendly foreign power, the Russian government, in an effort to gain political advantage over a political opponent.

We now have the sorry spectacle of a sitting attorney general claiming failed recollection upward of eighty five times over the course of three Senate hearings


who makes a joke about that before an audience of lawyers. Humor is in the eye of the beholder I suppose, but as an attorney, I’m surprised at both the jest and the reaction to it at the Federalist Society meeting.

Al Franken may or may not resign over his actions, although he is resisting so far. His actions are reprehensible and I don’t know anyone who is laughing over them, or about the President’s brags about sexual battery, or the sixteen women who state that he assaulted them either.

-- "... or the sixteen women who state that he assaulted them either"

I'm not clear which President we're talking about here.

-- As I read through the comments section after your most recent note, I forgot (true story, not kidding) what the subject of the entry was.

Having gone back to it, I see it was about the numerous (two dozen?) interesting and timely panels on topics many readers would want to know about. But rather than saying anything concerning them or their substance, it's just a microscopic focus on ten seconds of one talk, a focus designed to continue, in slightly more polite language, the Trump-is-Hitler meme I hoped we had seen the last of when former commenter paul got called on it and decided to go home.

I was hoping you, by contrast, might have some interest in the panel on why crime has so startlingly increased in the last three years and what we should do about it -- but of course I am in no position to force you to attend to any subject you'd rather bypass.

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