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More MS-13 Members Arrested:  ICE officials announced yesterday that over 200 members of the notorious MS-13 gang have been arrested across the country as part of a federal and state crackdown called Operation Raging Bull.  Tisha Lewis of FOX5 reports that the operation's objective is to completely dismantle the El Salvadorian gang which has an estimated 10,000 members in the United States.  Of the 214 arrests made 93 were for federal or state criminal charges and 121 on immigration violations.  Of the arrested gang members, 198 were foreign nationals with only 5 having legal status to be in the country.

Habitual Felon Charged With 3rd Murder:  An Alabama criminal found not guilty of one 2013 murder, who took a plea bargain on another murder that same year because a witness had disappeared, has now been charged with a third murder committed last month.  Carol Robinson of the Birmingham news reports that because of the plea deal, Jimbroski Quantez Peterson, 24, was released on probation last year for time served.  He was arrested in January and again in September on drug charges, but was  released awaiting trial for those offenses.  His probation was revoked by a judge in early October, days before the murder of Maurice Morris at a bar on October 15.  Moore was the father of five.  Peterson is being held without bail. 

Mass Shooters Linked to Domestic Violence:  Data compiled by the group Everytown For Gun Safety indicates that roughly 1/3 of the public mass shootings (four victims or more) which have occurred in the U.S. since 2009 had a history of domestic violence.  Writing for Time Magazine, Charlotte Alter reports that in 46% of both public and private mass shootings over the same period, a domestic partner or family member was a victim.  Devin Kelly, the Texas Church shooter, and Kevin Neal, who killed five in a small Northern California town earlier this week, had priors for beating their wives.  While both state and federal laws prohibit men with records of domestic violence from buying or owning a gun, the data on these offenders often never makes it into state and federal databases and even when they have, the NRA reports that illegal gun prosecutions dropped by 40% during the Obama Administration.  Additionally, in states such as California, sentencing reforms have removed domestic violence, even with serious injuries, from the crimes eligible for a prison sentence.


More MS-13 Members Arrested:
~ Change for the better: much better.

ICE Cracks Down on MS-13 Gang:
Agency Takes advantage of Trump Immigration Policy

Margaret Brennan, CBS: "...but the team was still able to make the
arrest based on the immigration status of the suspect -- part of the
unique mandate of the Homeland Security investigations unit of ICE."
- - -
Margaret Brennan, CBS: "President Trump has railed against MS-13
repeatedly since taking office .. he recognized the work of the Acting
Director of ICE, Tom Homan .."

- - - Margaret Brennan, CBS: "You felt your hands were tied in the past?"
- - - Thomas Homan, ICE: "Absolutely."

Margaret Brennan, CBS: "Homan says that since President Trump's
election, ICE has been able to make more arrests, in part because
the administration allows him ..."
--- --- ---
Margaret Brennan, CBS:
"But immigration advocates claim that this is just a back-door way
to enforce a heavy-handed immigration policy."

~ ? ? ? Back-door way ? ? ? No. Front & Center, Lawful & Transparent.

~ https://www.cbsnews.com/live/video/20171116173451-

Illegal Immigration is consistently awesome.

Illegal Alien Accused of Brutally Murdering New York Socialite
by JOHN BINDER 15 Nov 2017 | Breitbart
Arrest made in socialite’s murder two years later
by Shawn Cohen, Lorena Mongelli & Bruce Golding Nov 13, 2017 | NY Post

NEW YORK CITY, NY — An illegal alien has been charged with the brutal, violent murder of a New York socialite.

Esdras Marroquin Gomez, a 32-year-old illegal alien from Guatemala, was arraigned this week on murder charges for the death of Westchester, New York socialite Lois Colley ..Gomez allegedly attacked Colley with a fire extinguisher and a wine bottle, bludgeoning her in a room off the estate’s kitchen.

Gomez, 32, was secretly indicted for 2nd-degree murder last year, but the paperwork remained sealed until after he was arrested in Miami on Friday, Westchester District Attorney Anthony Scarpino said.

Gomez allegedly battered Colley, 83, with a fire extinguisher, the pin to which an investigator found lying next to her body in a mud room outside the kitchen.

The extinguisher was later discovered, with Colley’s DNA on it, wrapped in plastic
at the bottom of a pond on the property, Scarpino said.

Defense lawyer Diane Webster said Gomez pleaded not guilty at his arraignment Monday ...

~ https://nypost.com/2017/11/13/arrest-made-in-

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