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Court to Decide Convict's DNA Claim: As reported in Kent Scheidegger's post below, the Supreme Court has agreed to review a Ninth Circuit decision announcing that a convicted murderer has the right to testing of genetic evidence found at the crime scene. The Associated Press reports that William Osborne, convicted of a brutal rape and assault of an Anchorage prostitute in 1993, argues that he is entitled to have a condom, as well as hairs found at the scene tested.

Sex Offender Runs for Vermont Senate: Making the case that habitual criminals deserve a representative in the Vermont Senate, Larkin Forney is running on the "Justice for Vermonters" ticket. According to this AP story by John Curran, Forney, "who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a minor and has three driving under the influence convictions, said he's running to bring public attention to flaws in the criminal justice system." Commenting on his chances, Forney said, "I don't think I have that bad of a shot."

Ex-Con Kills Trick-or-Treater: A South Carolina man shot and killed a 12-year-old boy who was trick-or-treating, and wounded the child's brother and father according to this AP story by Meg Kinnard. Quentin Patrick, an ex-con with multiple drug convictions reportedly thought he was going to be robbed when he fired his AK-47 assault rifle through his front door at the children dressed in Halloween costumes. According to this CNN story, after the shooting police arrested a 19-year-old woman in Patrick's home for obstruction of justice as she tried to leave with $7,500.


I read how the CJLF staff ignorantly wrote that I "molested" a 14 year old girl, but that is not what happened, and the only reason I got a charge is because, "even if a person lies to you about their age, it is still a crime." That is just so people can't say the person lied about their age, but I have now discovered that this person has been an active and willing participant in a conspiracy with my daughter's mother to get me a similar charge as her uncle so that all of my concerns about my daughter's abuse would be ignored. I would recommend the cjlf staff do better research and watch how they phrase things, because I was not charged with molestation, and I have no problem adding more people to the lawsuit I already have going. For more on this, visit my website, http://justiceforvermonters.org.

I have edited the post to quote rather than paraphrase the AP story. Personally, I don't think the difference is material, but whatever.

One cannot "molest" or "rape" or "assault" an active and willing conspirator. That would make me the victim. The charge is just called what it is, but it is only because she lied about her age, and it does make a difference. I am also about to get that expunged from my record, or ... http://justiceforvermonters.org.

[The above comment has been edited to delete accusations against third persons. Anyone interested can read them on the commenter's web site, and I have left in the link, but we don't need them here. This thread is now closed to further comments.-- KS]

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