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Supreme Court Cert. Grants and Background Reading:  As Kent reported earlier today the U.S. Supreme Court has released its orders list this morning and granted certiorari in Chicago's Second Amendment rights case, McDonald v. City of Chicago.  David Kopel posts helpful "background reading" for the case on Volokh Conspiracy (now http://volokh.com).  Tony Mauro also reports on the case for Blog of the Legal Times.  Mauro reports the case challenges Chicago's handgun bans and finds it significant that the Court "did not act on other petitions raising similar issues, including Maloney v. Rice, an incorporation case in which Justice Sonia Sotomayor ruled while on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit."  Mauro's post also briefly describes two other cases the Supreme Court agreed to hear, Lewis v. Chicago (addressing the deadline for filing disparate impact workplace discrimination cases under Title VII), and Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project and its countersuit, Humanitarian Law Project v. Holder. These cases test the constitutionality of a law that criminalizes "material support" for groups designated as terrorist organizations.  Ed Whalen also reports on the grant at NRO's bench memos and links to  "[w]orthwhile previews" of the October 2009 term by Jonathan Adler and the Wall Street Journal

Polanski's "Connected" Defense Attorney:  Wall Street Journal's Law Blog writer, Ashby Jones, writes that Polanski has hired veteran D.C. defense lawyer Reid Weingarten to fight extradition to the United States.  New York Times writers Michael Cispley and Doreen Carvajal reported yesterday that incidentally Weingarten is a "close friend and associate of Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr."  Weingarten is expected press hard on the political front and argue "either that his crime does not qualify for extradition, because he was originally to have been sentenced to less than a year in prison, or that he has already effectively served his sentence, during a 42-day psychiatric evaluation."  Yesterday, Jones posted on Law Blog that LawBloggers (LBers') almost unanimously favor bringing Polanski back to California to make him pay for his crime.  We agree.  Hopefully Weingarten will not be able to block Polanski's extradition for long.

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