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News Scan

Philly Abortion Doctor Ran "House of Horrors:  The Philadelphia Inquirer has this disturbing story on this morning's arrest of former Doctor Kermit Gosnell, charged with the murders of a 41-year-old woman and seven babies.  Prosecutors alleged Gosnell ran a late-term abortion clinic out of his Philadelphia medical clinic, permitting untrained and unsupervised workers (including a 15-year-old girl) to administer sedatives to patients.  41-year-old Karnamaya Mongar allegedly died from an anesthetic overdose prescribed by Gosnell.  Prosecutors also allege Gosnell delivered the seven infants live, then severed their spinal cords with scissors.  In what is being described as a "house of horrors," police officers discovered bags and bottles of aborted fetuses scattered throughout Gosnell's office. 

Victim's Family to Sue Over Commuted Sentence:
  The family of victim of Luis Dos Santos is expected to file suit against former Governor Schwarzenegger, reports The Sacramento Bee.  The lawsuit stems from the Schwarzenegger's eleventh hour prison sentence commutation of Santos's convicted killer Esteban Nunez, the son of a former Assembly speaker.  (Prior post here.)  Santos's family claims the former governor violated their constitutional rights under "Marsy's Law," a voter-approved constitutional amendment mandating that crime victims and their family members receive advance notice of parole hearings.

New Forensics:
  The BBC has this article on a new method to help catch sex offenders by detecting condom lubricant on crime scene fingerprints.  Dr. Simona Francese of Sheffield Hallam University stated: "Offenders are increasingly aware of forensic issues and it is common now for condoms to be used and removed from the scene of a sexual assault. . . If condom lubricant can be detected in fingermarks it would improve the evidence for the prosecution by establishing the assailant's presence at the scene and, crucially, having had contact with a condom."

Trial Starts in Deadly Ohio Arson Case:
  Thomas J. Sheeran of the AP reports jury selection began today in the case against Antun Lewis, accused of setting a 2005 house fire that killed nine people, including eight children, at a birthday sleepover.  The case is being heard in federal court, after prosecutors argued the house set ablaze was involved in interstate commerce via a federal rent subsidy.  Lewis faces a life sentence if convicted, but is ineligible for the death penalty as a judge already deemed him mentally disabled.

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