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The Hollywood Gift that Keeps on Giving


I noted about six weeks ago that Lindsay Lohan, the poster girl for never ending (and seemingly never successful) "rehab," continues to light up the lives of those of us who think that a good stint in the slammer might bring about results that "counseling" and "treatment" seldom seem to produce.

Ms. Lohan appears to be determined to drive home the point.  Shortly following her latest and quite recent encounter with "rehab," she now faces charges of grand theft.  Her attorney, in wonderfully typical defense lawyer style, says, without giving any details, that she's innocent and will "fight the charges in court, not in the press."

It seems that representatives of starlets like this are always avoiding exposure in "the press"  --  except when they're courting it, which is virtually all the time when they haven't been fingered for lifting some pricey jewelry, as Ms. Lohan is accused of doing.  The one thing conspicuously absent from her lawyer's statement is any claim (1) that Ms. Lohan  didn't make off with the necklace in question, and (2) that she ever paid for it.

But I digress.  I have no idea what will become of these charges.  But I'll bet a goodly sum that we'll hear again from Ms. Rehab herself, and it won't take all that long.  It never does.    

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