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Cal. DP Repeal Losing By Double Digits

The Business Roundtable/Pepperdine biweekly survey of California initiatives is out. Current survey is here.  Trend is here.  Today's release is the third in the series.

Proposition 34, the death penalty repeal initiative, started out close to even.  The second survey, shortly after the Aurora, Colorado massacre, noted here and here, showed it 20% behind.  We expected some rebound after the initial shock of Aurora wore off.  The survey released today shows a 14% gap -- 52.2% no versus 38.2% yes.  Interestingly, the "unsure" segment is increasing as time goes on.

The usual trend in California initiatives is that people drift toward "no" as the election approaches.  Initiatives that do not have a solid majority up front are generally toast.

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