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News Scan

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Los Angeles Getting Dangerous Parolees Under Realignment: John North of ABC 7 reports Los Angeles County Supervisors will be getting more information about the parolees released into the area. The quadruple murder that occurred in Northridge, see this News Scan, was carried out by Ka Pasasouk. Despite a long history of violent crime convictions, Pasasouk was labeled a non-serious, nonsexual and nonviolent offender due to his most recent drug conviction in accordance with Governor Jerry Brown's 'Public Safety Realignment'. Realignment does not look into a criminal's entire history, only their most recent conviction. According to Supervisor Mike Antonovich, since AB 109 was implemented on October 1, 2011, 8,000 so-called triple nons have been rearrested and put into jail in LA County. The new ordinance, introduced by Antonovich, will allow County Supervisors to exert more control over parolees.

Baltimore Sees Reduced Shootings, More Deaths:
Justin Fenton of the Baltimore Sun discusses a Wall Street Journal article that reported gun violence has increased nationally, while homicides have decreased due to improved medical care for gunshot victims.  The trend does not seem to include Baltimore, where the number of execution-style shootings has dramatically increased from 35 percent in 2004 to 59 percent in 2009, back down to 47 percent in 2011. Fenton thinks this may be a reason more gunshot victims are dying in Baltimore compared to the national average. A bullet to the head is very difficult to treat. A quote from our Kent Scheidegger is included from this post. Our Steve Erickson also reported on the WSJ article in this post.

OR Mall Shooter Kills 2, Himself: Rachel La Corte and Jonathan J. Cooper of the Associated Press report gunman Jacob Tyler Roberts killed two shoppers and himself in an Oregon mall Tuesday. Tyler was wearing a mask and was armed with a stolen semiautomatic rifle. He entered the mall through Macy's then opened fire in the food court. He killed a 54-year-old woman and a 45-year-old man. A woman whose age has not been confirmed was seriously injured. Police found Tyler dead of self-inflicted wounds. The rest of the mall was searched and officers confirmed no others shooters were involved. No clear motive has been established. The mall will remain closed Wednesday.  

NJ Police Department Gets Surveillance Tower: CBS New York reports The Jersey City Police Department announced Tuesday it got a three-story high policing tower. The tower, called the "Eye in the Sky," has streaming surveillance cameras with a 360-degree view covering high crime areas. Many police departments all over the nation are using similar technology to aid in policing.

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The "realignment" in Los Angeles is representative of the shell game the "smart on crime" folks are playing. You can over-represent the number of non-violent inmates in prison by looking only at the offense of conviction and ignoring one's entire criminal history or by focusing only on the reduced charges that resulted from a plea agreement and "wink" at the true offense behavior.

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