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News Scan

CA Killer Hangs Self Behind Bars:  Henry K. Lee of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that murderer Justin Helzer, convicted of killing five people, hung himself Sunday with a bed sheet at San Quentin. The suicide follows a previous attempt in 2010.  In 2000, Helzer, his brother and a third accomplice murdered Ivan Stineman, 85, and his wife Annette, 78. Their bodies were dismembered, put in gym bags, then dumped in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. The Stinemans were murdered in an extortion plot to get $100,000.  Later, they murdered Selina Bishop, he mother and her boyfriend to eliminate witness after collecting the money. The brothers were sentenced to death and the accomplice received 38 years to life in prison.

Seven Murdered at Cancun Resort in Mexico:  Isela Serrano, Gabriel Stargardter and Eric Walsh of Reuters News report  that five men and two women were found dead in a shack in Cancun, Mexico Sunday. Six of the slain were strangled; the seventh was decapitated. The deputy attorney general of Quintana Roo Juan Ignacio Hernandez said the victims were independent drug dealers, unaffiliated with the cartels. Mexico's drug related violence, which has claimed more than 70,000 lives since the former President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, declared war on the drug cartels. It appears to finally be catching up to Cancun, which until recently managed to avoid it. Last month, two men shot up a Cancun bar, leaving six people killed and five wounded. And, in a separate incident Sunday, police found another man murdered on the outskirts of the city.

PA Abortion Doctor Trial:  Sarah Hoye of CNN reports on the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who ran an illegal late-term abortion clinic West Philadelphia. He is charged with the deaths of 41-year-old Karnamaya Mongar and seven babies. Gosnell allegedly severed the spinal cords of living fetuses after they were born. Despite multiple reports over two decades, health and licensing officials failed to take action regarding his practices. Authorities discovered fetal remains and frozen fetuses when searching the office.  Unlicensed medical school graduate Eileen O'Neill, 56, who worked with Gosnell is also charged with participating. If found guilty, Gosnell could face the death penalty. Continued from this News Scan.

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